As an airline and as a business organisation, Jet Airways has always attempted to bring about positive change in the social environment we operate in. Presented here are some of our key focus areas.

At Jet Airways, we believe that constructive contribution to the community we operate in is the cornerstone of any responsible business enterprise’s success. Since its inception in 1993, Jet Airways has made a conscious effort to help in the betterment of society in various ways – from humble initiatives that bring smiles to young faces, to contributing to the rehabilitation of calamity-struck villages.

Touching lives with a wee bit of magic

At Jet Airways, education for every child is at the crux of our responsibility towards the society. ‘Magic Box’, a unique in-flight collection programme, conceptualised in association with the NGO Save the Children India (STCI), is one such initiative towards realising this dream. With voluntary contributions from you, our generous guests, we help fund education and healthcare for underprivileged children and women, and more importantly, in the fight against female trafficking. On all our domestic flights, the cabin crew helps to collect funds by bringing around the Magic Box, in which donations can be dropped.

Save the Children India is a non-profit organisation established in 1988, which has been tirelessly functioning in empowering women and children with education and healthcare initiatives. It believes in its conviction of making India a child-friendly nation, and has demonstrated this through avarious innovative projects such as the Education Project and Save Our Sisters, which have been impacted significantly with our in-flight collection programme. All donations received in the ‘Since its launch on January 7, 1997, ‘Magic Box’ contributions also go towards the education of differently-abled children, as well as pre-schoolers and regular school children who hail from poor households. STCI ensures that holistic education, nutritious meals, and ample opportunities.

Jet Airways also believes that monetary aid alone does not suffice. Our crew make frequent visits to the schools run by STCI and organises fun activities for the children, bringing a smile on their faces, and bringing home a lot of joy.

Realising a dream

To fly is a dream and at Jet Airways we endeavour to realise this dream for children. On the unique ‘Flight of Fantasy’ initiative the children are taken on a 45-minute joy ride over the city coupled with various fun activities through the day. The annual event is organised for children from NGOs such as STCI, Teach for India, and YouWeCan. In the past years the airlines has created these wonderful memories for children in the cities of Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi. In 2017, the airline marked the 20th Anniversary of this unique initiative, and continues to nurture the dreams of children – especially those belonging to the marginalised sections of society, by opening up the world of aviation to them.

The Joy of Giving

At Jet Airways the emphasis is on human capability and the power of dreams. We endeavour to serve the community in myriad ways and at as many different touch points as possible. During festivals and special occasions, all employees of the Jet Airways family initiate fund-raising and charity events to bring to the children smiles and joy bundled in gift boxes and cash. Often, this is complemented with activities such as a visit to the Jet Airways Hangar in Mumbai and an airport terminal visit and a guided tour of an aircraft coupled with a special visit to the cockpit and an interactive session with the pilots and engineers.

An ode to women power

As a leading airline with 33 per cent of our workforce consisting of women, we recognise and commend their contribution to the society. To proudly celebrate the ambition and achievement of women and to be instrumental in their upliftment, every year on International Women’s Day, the airline undertakes a three-week in-flight fund-raising drive, starting March 8. NGOs such as Mukhtangan, Nanhi Kali, and Smile Foundation, which work towards the upliftment and empowerment of women, are supported with these proceedings.

As one such initiative, in 2016, when JetPrivilege, our loyalty and rewards programme, achieved the milestone figure of five million members, JetPrivilege, along with its members made a monetary donation to two chosen NGOs, Nanhi Kali and STCI. This was just another step to make the occasion a memorable one, and to bring smiles on the faces of young children and women.

Serving the nation

Jet Airways’ philosophy is to espouse active support and contribution towards the society in which it operates, together with a healthy respect for human life and potential. Our team has, time and again, been a part of relief activities across the world in the wake of calamities – be it organising funds, transporting cargo, operating additional flights to transport stranded passengers and carry relief material, or offering discounts.

At an organisational and personal level the Jet Airways family has contributed to rehabilitation programme in Gujarat, Sri Lanka, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, and Kathmandu. In 2015, the airline partnered with ActionAid India, Uday Foundation and Max Hospitals to provide immediate relief in Tamil Nadu to those affected by the devastating floods. Apart from immediate emergency relief, Jet Airways and Action Aid India came together to reach out and rebuild the lives of the flood affected communities in Chennai and Thiruvallur district in Tamil Nadu. Jet Airways employees selflessly volunteered for on-ground relief work and free transportation of relief material. Our immediate joint efforts focused on providing food and essential items such as drinking water, health and sanitary kits, sleeping mats. In this long-term relationship, we focused on rehabilitation, including recovery and development of the livelihoods, reconstruction and repair of damaged houses of over 2,000 people.

Supporting wildlife conservation

Jet Airways has always been at the forefront in implementing best practices in the aviation industry. We have been awarded the ‘2014 Henry Spira Humane Corporate Progress Award’ by Humane Society International. The award recognises and appreciates the airline’s policy to levy a ban on shipments of shark fins as cargo, thus curbing the illegal trade. We were the only Indian organisation to be conferred the award in 2014. We affirmed our support to the global fight against wildlife trafficking by signing the ‘Buckingham Palace Declaration’ on April 13, 2016. With this, we have become one of the few airlines in the Asia Pacific to join the initiative. Jet Airways is the first private Indian airline to have signed this declaration.

Running for charity Running for charity has become a tradition at Jet Airways. The number of participating employees has increased with each passing year. Some of the noteworthy marathons we participate in include Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and DNA Pinkathon.

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