Scaling new heights with technology & innovation

Jet Airways has been at the forefront to deploy state-of-the-art aircraft and in-flight services to provide guests a cutting-edge experience.

Long before the very first Jet Airways flight in 1993, a vast programme of building and maintaining a state-of-the-art airline had been put into motion. In those days, investments of an exceptional magnitude were made in acquiring the latest aircraft and building the airline’s engineering and maintenance facilities. With time, Jet Airways invested deeply in incorporating the latest technology and innovative solutions, quickly making them a key part of the airline’s business strategy.

Jet Airways was the first airline in India to fly the modern, fuel-efficient Boeing 737-300 aircraft and the first in Asia to introduce the Boeing 737-800. This was barely seven months after the commercial induction of this advanced airplane in the United States. This kind of a fleet upgrade is not common even among international airlines, because along with the huge investment, it demands an equally expansive and extensive scale-up of machinery, training, and skilled personnel to sustain it. That focused determination to offer guests a super-modern fleet has never dimmed. We will soon be the first Indian airline to add the brand-new Boeing 737 MAX to our fleet. The airline began with a state-of-the-art fleet and 25 years later, it begins a fabulous new chapter in Indian aviation with a state-of-the-art fleet.

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By virtue of being early adopters of social and digital media tech, our social media strategy, articulated with the motto: Listen, Engage and Respond', has been a huge success

Forward thinking

Over the past 25 years, we ensured that our operations were cutting edge, innovative and proactive. These innovations have continued relentlessly with aspects of the airline guests don't necessarily interact directly with but like Christmas elves, we have been working quietly behind the scenes to ensure a seamless and cutting edge experience for our guests across the globe. These areas included Revenue Management, Engineering, Flight Operations, Network Planning, Revenue Accounts, Finance, Human Resources, Training, Procurement and Logistics. Anyone acquainted with the gold standard of tech in these fields would recognise the quality, robustness and stability of Jet Airways’ programmes and systems to be the very same or better than those used by leading airlines.

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As our airline grew swiftly, we ensured nimble, streamlined, and optimised operations. Behind the scenes, our new Crew Pairing Optimizer and Fatigue Management System make possible an automated and enhanced crew rostering process that enables the airline to drive better operational efficiency in cockpit crew management. This means, guests ultimately benefit from the readiness and alertness of all crew members who aim to make every flight a seamless experience.

Product acceleration

Then there are the customer-facing airline dimensions that Jet Airways’ Marketing, eCommerce and Innovations department constantly ensured were up to the mark. At any point, the new digital universe and all its customer-serving potential was reflected abundantly. As the internet’s power, reach and capabilities grew, Jet Airways’ eCommerce team ensured that its guests had at their service some of the most innovative solutions.

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Our airline has relentlessly engaged the full power of eCommerce. Jet Airways’ award- winning website was constantly updated to make the travel experience easily accessible to all. We elevated guest convenience to a dimension that was unprecedented in India. In rapid succession, we launched many ‘Indian firsts’: With e-ticketing we brought paperless travel to India and with our in-house designed check-in kiosks, again India’s first, we introduced self-service and enhanced the overall check-in experience, in keeping with international trends. Check-in was made ultra-convenient, with web check-in and SMS check-in facilities. We were also the first to introduce automated credit card risk management, mobile app, mobile ticketing, quick-response (QR) codes, online award ticket redemption, bar coded boarding passes (BCBP), real-time flight status alerts via SMS, website accessibility for differently-abled guests and Aadhaar-enabled biometric e-boarding.

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By virtue of being early adopters of social and digital media tech, our social media strategy, articulated with the motto, ‘Listen, Engage and Respond’, has been a huge success. Jet Airways’ robust presence on professional and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, all amount to an inspired disposition of every social media bridge to connect with our guests. Above all, these social platforms make it possible for all our guests to interact with, from the platform they prefer and that is what merits our full commitment to the social scape.

Our airline has now linked Uber and Airbnb with its digital platforms and this integration is in line with what today’s flyers expect. It also goes a long way in providing for a more complete and end-to-end travel experience.

The launch of JetInstant, a first of its kind Twitter-based innovation, stands testimony to our commitment to embrace digital innovation. This service allows guests to check flight status, low fares, and check-in instantly through their Twitter account. With a view of making travel more convenient we launched the Jet Airways skill on Amazon’s Alexa that gives you flight status updates, with voice-based commands.

We reintroduced and revolutionised in-flight entertainment with JetScreen, again, another first in Indian skies. Available on our domestic flights, this new wireless streaming in-flight service is designed to delight every guest with an exciting range of Indian, Hollywood, regional and international movies, famous TV shorts, video games and music to suit every mood. Guests can access the entire suite of entertainment on their personal device including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Yet another important milestone is the launch of Jet Airways GlobalLinker. This is a one of its kind digital platform which has been customised to cater to the needs of the ever-growing small and medium enterprise community in India. It has quickly gained a reputation for being the airline’s own ultra-powerful business networking opportunity. Using the platform, businesses can not only maximise their savings and profits for the journey, but can network and interact with many other like-minded professionals that Jet Airways GlobalLinker fosters.

Our latest innovation and a first of its kind in Indian aviation is the launch of ‘JetUpgrade’. This service enables guests with confirmed bookings to bid for an upgrade to First Class or Premiere and enjoy an exceptional in-flight experience on flights across our domestic and international network.

With time, Jet Airways invested deeply in incorporating the latest technology and innovative solutions, quickly making them a key part of the airline‘s business strategy

Innovation sets us apart

We know our business environment is competitive and challenging, and we believe that the very first thing we must always achieve in all the years ahead is superior Guest Delight. We plan to do that by maintaining excellent service standards that Jet Airways is celebrated for across the world and also in creating unique, well-differentiated products and services that reward our guests’ experience.

The singular way to achieve this is to infuse our teams with a culture of innovation which will enable us to conceive and deliver more innovative and pioneering solutions. An example of an early win in creating innovative solutions is the Integrated Emission Management System, including carbon mapping, a first of its kind for Jet Airways. This innovative analytics solution, apart from delivering substantial cost savings, also helps our flight operations team to accurately calculate and predict aircraft emissions, thus making optimised usage of aviation turbine fuel.

Our exciting journey with evolving technologies continues. The conviction of the management in the value this brings to our guests, and their unstinting support has been a key factor in our success. Our technology partners have more than helped us, and believed in our passion for guest delight and deserve our highest acknowledgment. A very big ‘Thank You’ to all our guests for their valuable feedback and acknowledgement. The enthusiastic use of all technologies placed at their disposal has helped us improve our guest experience and continuously deliver the true Joy of Flying.

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